PRIME provided a 3-day hands-on training to HAVOYOCO staff in Jijiga in facilitating community conversations and school club workshops from 18- 20 April 2014. The training will enable HAVOYOCO administrative and program staff, to build skills in designing and facilitating community conversations around PRIME’s messages, build skills in designing and facilitating school club workshops. PRIME worked with a globally renowned professional to deliver quality training that will enable trainees tap into top-notch tools and methods in facilitation. The training on dialog facilitation was focused on a structure they could use to develop a community conversation, how to manage time, and an understanding of how to engage people of different genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds. The training on workshop facilitation focused on how to design, structure, and facilitate a school club workshop for students around PRIME messages. After the training, the trainees facilitated a community conversation, which provided an opportunity for the trainer and trainees to get feedback session.

Community dialog session in Hadow Kebele
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