PRIME - supported Haro Beke micro dam, in Borena Zone of Oromia, is near completion. Community members have already harvested rain water, which will serve thousands of people during the dry season.

animal trader in Jijiga

Umer Abdi, an animal trader in Jijiga, Somali, increased the animals he trades in and the pastoralists he reaches as a result of Murahaba loan product, which PRIME facilitated and supported.

Berwako Dairy Processing Company

Products of PRIME-supported, Berwako Dairy Processing Company, in Jijiga. The company is set up with the goal of processing abour 20000 liters of camel and cow milk a day.

Serial radio drama

PRIME, in collaboration with Warner Brothers, launched soap opera serial radio dramas in all its operating areas. Using various marketing tools, PRIME staff are promoting the launch of the radio drama in Gewane of Afar Region.

small maintenance enterprise

Butula Seid (middle), in Genale Town, Guji Zone of Oromia Region, set up a small maintenance enterprise after taking training by PRIME and maintained more than hundreds of water pumps.


A youth circus group performs in the town of Fafan, near Jijiga, Somali Region to get nutrition messages across. USAID-PRIME taps into local communication avenues that resonate with audiences.

build resilience

PRIME works with community members to apply innovative strategies to build resilience. Community members in Afar checking on the grains stored using post-harvest bags, used for reducing post-harvest losses


After training, CAHWs like Ahmet Mahmoud Habib, are able to treat most sick animals. They are also responsible for helping the government conduct seasonal vaccination campaigns and for dealing with outbreaks of disease.

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PRIME (Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion) is a five-year project led by Mercy Corps Ethiopia in partnership with international and local organizations. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), PRIME focuses on selected districts of Ethiopia’s Afar, Oromiya and Somali regions.Modern technologies like the blockchain can be used to share a system of records for community development projects. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are helping various industries to update themselves. Trading bots such as the bitcoin code can help improve the efficiency of crypto trading. Take the bitcoin code test to learn more about the platform.

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