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Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME) project is a five-year, USAID-funded initiative designed to improve resilience of communities and systems in Ethiopia’s dry-lands to enhance prospects for long-term development where pastoralist livelihood systems prevail.

The project is designed to reduce hunger and poverty by being transformative and innovative, while achieving scale through market-driven approaches.

The primary objectives are to support dry-land communities and market systems through:

  • Improving livestock and livestock products marketing systems
  • Enhancing resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change; and
  • Increasing and diversifying household assets through livelihood diversification and long-term market linkages.

USAID-PRIME includes an emergency response capability and contingency fund called the Crisis Modifier, designed to protect household assets when emergencies occur. The Crisis Modifier will help the project mitigate the impacts of shocks and build community resilience.

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