The Natural Resource Management and Climate Change component of the USAID-PRIME activity emphasizes collaboration and facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement by bringing together government, traditional institutions, and community representatives. All risk assessments, resource mappings, and rural appraisals are jointly reviewed in a participatory manner to ensure the development of community-based solutions.


The activity will provide platforms for all involved stakeholders to collectively design and engage in targeted natural resource enhancement initiatives as well as establish appropriate systems for effective management of pasture areas and water points. For example, USAID-PRIME will help construct water harvesting schemes and introduce appropriate technologies for better flood water management and utilization in sites selected together with stakeholders.


To promote inclusive use and adherence to management rights of communal lands, USAID-PRIME will organize experience sharing visits on effective governance systems around communal land use. The activity will also work toward building capacity of community-based institutions and will support the legitimacy of land agreements and management rights among user groups.


Given changing hazard trends, USAID-PRIME aims to improve preparedness and responses based on intelligent decision-making grounded by improved access to information. The activity will support overlying resource trend analyses with climate data and establish systems to increase the quality and accessibility of climate-relevant information for stakeholders at local and national levels. Scientific information will be packaged and stored in an accessible, usable format to ensure stakeholders have the capacity to use the information for decision-making and early warning. Finally, these processes will also raise awareness of the link between environmental changes and broader global climate change phenomena.


Sisay Awgichew, NRM/Climate Change Advisor

Mercy Corps Ethiopia

House #504 Mundy St. Piazza

Arada Sub-city, Kebele 01/02, Addis Ababa

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