Step 1: In order to upload and approve documents first the user has to login.

To login to PRIME Website,

Option 1: Click on the ‘Loign’ button in the home page after.

Option 2: Go to through the web browser.

The login screen will appear. Fill your login credentials and click on login

help pic

Step 2: The Website redirects the user into the PRIME home page, from the “Resources” menu choose a category.

help pic

Step 3: The Website displays the list of documents in that resources category with the upload a file form

help pic

Step 4: In the upload form click”Choose file” and select a documents to be uploaded. The upload form allows pdf, doc and ppt document type. The website displays the selected documents with its document title and the tagged keyword.

Enter the document title and the tagged keyword and click the upload button. The tagged keywords will be used for searching the documents later by end users to easily locate and download the document


help pic

Step 5: The website displays the uploaded document with the “Download”, “Approve” and “Remove” button. To approve the documents click the “Approve” button and the website will display a confirmation window for the user. To confirmation click OK.

help pic

Step 6: The documents will be available to the other user of the websites.


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